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Chasing an Illusion

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

How many of us spend time, energy and money chasing the illusion of peace? The peace which this world offers, lasts only for a short time. We may be lulled into thinking that we have attained peace when our circumstances are favorable. But.... Whats happens when we fall on hard times, when we fallon hard times, when we face difficulty relationships, when our health poses challenges, again when our situation becomes less favorable? We become angry, discontent and at war with ourselves and others. Worldy peace disappears when circumstances are beyond our control.I know many successful powerful people who would gladly trade all thier material possessions for one moment of true peace. If we were asked to suggest what was wrong with today's world, we may suggest some of these: the pndemic, stock market,corrupt governments, family, lack of food, lack of money, we can go on and on. We try to somehow "fix" these problems by doing good, deeding the hungry, passing laws to conserve wildlife, whatever it takes to create a bandaid of peace. Just like the Old Testament when the false prophets treated "sin" lighlty and proclaimed the problem "solved". They have healed a wound of my people lighlty saying, " Peace, peace,"when there is no peace. Jeramiah 6:14. Does it last? Of course not. Our actions address the symptoms of a sinful world, but we fail to see the root of the problem... our own sinful nature. Only Christ can cure this disease and grant us everlasting peace. Another factor which can rob us of our peace is tat of the pain of broken promises. No matter what our position, age or gender, we have all, at some point, experienced the dissapointment caused by those around us. And, sometimes in spite of our best intentions we, too, can dissapoint by saying one thing and doing something else.


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